Direct Help Grant Program

The Direct Help Grant Program is offered through the Foundation to provide services, medical necessities, and educational tools to families affected by autism who live in Central California.

A family can apply once per calendar year per child with autism. Please note that the deadline for each calendar year is December 1st. If a completed application (with all supporting documentation) is not received by this deadline, it will roll into the following year. There is a limit of $500 per grant. Families must complete the application, provide all required supporting documentation, and the child must meet the three following requirements to be considered eligible:

1. Under the age of 18. 

2. Resides within one of the following 21 counties: Merced, Glenn, Stanislaus, Butte, Madera, Colusa, Mariposa, El Dorado, Tuolumne, Sutter, San Joaquin, Yuba, Fresno, Yolo, Sacramento, Placer, Shasta, Kings, Tehama, Tulare, or Kern. 

3. Diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Please read the grant program Frequently Asked Questions and ensure that the following check list is completed prior to applying.

Check List:

  1. Completed application with current address and parent/guardian signatures
  2. Full diagnostic report of autism from a developmental pediatrician, child neurologists, Regional Center psychologist, or private psychologist/psychiatrist (school IEPs will not be accepted as a diagnosis of autism)
  3. The most recent IRS tax return/s for both parents/guardians with your child listed as a dependent. If you do not file taxes due to Social Security, you must provide your award letter.
  4. A recommendation letter from a Physician, Speech Therapist, Behavioral Therapist, or Licensed Psychologist that states how the requested item(s) will directly aid your child with his/her autism. This is only required if you are requesting an item other than tuition for a specific class for autism, supplements/medication, medical evaluations, learning materials, testing, or therapies.
  5. Electronic Device Form. This is only required if you are requesting an electronic device (i.e. computer, iPad, etc).and ensure that the following check list is completed prior to applying. Please Note: iPads and computers cannot be granted two years in a row.

All of the check list items above must be submitted with the application for it to be approved, unless otherwise noted. 
Click here to be taken to the application page or download the application (click here for application in Spanish) and mail it in with all necessary documents to the following address:

Carlos Vieira Foundation
6079 Washington Blvd.
Livingston, CA 95334

Application Timeline

Once an application is received and all required documentation provided, the grant review board will determine whether or not you have been approved or additional information is needed. A letter will be mailed or emailed to you within 30 days noting the status of your application.

If you are sent a letter to submit additional information, you will have a period of 5 weeks to submit missing documentation. If you do not submit, a second and final letter will be sent requesting the information. If you do not submit the documentation requested by the deadline noted on the second request letter your application will automatically be closed. If your application is closed, you will not be able to submit again for assistance until the next calendar year.

If you have questions about the application process, please use the contact us form; a member of our grant review team will get back to you within two business days.

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